Tuesday, November 8, 2016

UPDATE. Hillary inches ahead, Trump loses ground in last series of presidential polls

Tracking polls not included.

10/16/2106 update, "Except for ABC News/WaPo outlier, Trump now polling in mid-to-upper 30s", starts here.
As tracked by Real Clear Politics.

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10/10/2016 update, " Latest national polls, even Rasmussen, show Trump in big, well-deserved trouble", starts here.

The October 3rd 44-44 tie comes to us courtesy of the fantasy factory also known as Breitbart-Gravis.

10/4/2016 update, "Clinton sweeps a week's worth of post-debate national polls", starts here.

9/28/2016 update, "Clinton sweeps a week's worth of national presidential polls", starts here.

As tracked by Real Clear Politics.

Gary Anderson Johnson and Jill Stein fading.

9/24/2016 update, "Rasmussen enhances its reputation as a GOP-leaning poll", starts here.

9/11/2016 update, "Although not there yet, Trump hopes to gain healthy lead over Hillary", starts here.

9/7/2016 update, "National polls put Clinton, Trump in best media buzzworthy positions:  Running neck and neck", starts here.

8/29/2016 update, "For the time being, Clinton gains a bit of breathing room in polls", starts here.

8/25/2016 update, "Sorry, folks, but Donald Trump is not tanking in the polls", starts here.

He's not winning any polls, but he's staying within striking distance.

And he's been chipping away at Hillary's daily polling average percentage of late.

On the other hand, Hillary is doing well in critical swing states and better than expected in typically red states such as Georgia.

8/16/2016 update, " Hillary continues to expand her lead against Trump during 1st 2 weeks of August', starts here.

 Source:  Real Clear Politics

Original 8/8/2016 post, "Another day, another big win for Clinton in the polls", starts here.

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