Monday, November 7, 2016

WikiLeaks Emails Bombshell: Why does Donald Trump's name come up 5899 times in DNC email database?

And Austyn Crites not at all.  (This goof question, of course, is directed at the whackjobs who conflate Wikileaks with all things Hillary.)

Source:  Wikileaks search the DNC email databse

With no apologies to Inquisitr.

Original 11/6/2016 post, "Disgruntled registered Republican disrupts Reno rally". starts here.

Photo credit:  LinkedIn

Quoted in The man behind the Trump rally disturbance in Reno.  (USA Today, 11/6/2016)

No gun was found.

Ergo, anyone pushing an assassination attempt should be locked up.

Conspiracy dummies are all agog over Austyn Crites' name showing up in Wikileaks, as if that somehow links him with Hillary Clinton.  Folks, Wikileaks has a multitude of fish to fry.

Crites just happens to be on a list of thousands of people who ordered this book.

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