Friday, October 21, 2016

UPDATE. Michigan is seriously not in play for Trump

Donald Trump visits Michigan again, how in play is the state?.  (mlive, 9/30/2016)
See quote below.

Photo credit:  Dr. Rich Swier

Ronna was formerly married to Mitt's brother, George.  In one of her races for the U.S. Senate, he backed her Republican primary opponent.

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9/30/2016 update, " Clinton keeps Trump at bay in Michigan throughout September", starts here.

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Source:  Real Clear Politics

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The GOP nominee needs a place to reset the electoral map, and stops this past week in Michigan and Pennsylvania suggest he's looking at the industrial heartland states on the Great Lakes. It's a part of the country where he has said he can compete with Democrat Hillary Clinton. Trump will find the going there no easier than anywhere else.

Clinton camp confronts Trump's Rust Belt strategy.  (Politico, 8/5/2016)
All they have to do is dream.  But Republicans say that Michigan is tighter than it’s ever been and that Trump’s nontraditional campaign should not be underestimated in places where manufacturing jobs have disappeared.  

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