Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Wharf adds to DC's restaurant staffing crisis

DC’s Restaurant Staffing Crisis Will Likely Get Worse With the Opening of the Wharf.  (Washingtonian, 9/12/2017)
Ask any DC chef or restaurateur what they’re most worried about right now, and the conversation will inevitably turn to their desperate attempts to find good staff. Sous chefs, managers, servers—across the board, there just aren’t enough experienced people to go around Washington’s booming dining scene. 
The problem isn’t new, and it’s not unique to DC. But much of the local restaurant industry is bracing for an even greater pinch with the opening of the Wharf. The $2 billion development will host three hotels, three music venues, 17 retail spots, and more than 20 restaurants, bars, and cafes when it’s complete.

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