Monday, April 11, 2016

UPDATE: 15 days after endorsing Ted Cruz, Scott Walker begs for money to pay campaign debt

As quoted in Walker says he's thrifty, needs help paying campaign debt.  (Eau Claire Leader- Telegram, 4/11/2016)

Ja, thrifty!  And he has the headlines to prove it.

4/1/2016 updated post, "The question remains, How much has Cruz helped with Walker's campaign debt?: begins here.

Walker endorses Cruz on March 29.

The BS, transcribed.

Jobs.  Freedom.  Security.

That's what at stake.  And that's why I'm supporting Ted Cruz for President.

Ted is a constitutional conservative*.  He'll challenge the status quo, just like we've done in Wisconsin.  And Ted has a real plan to grow jobs and restore opportunity.

On Tuesday, please join me in supporting Ted Cruz, the only conservative who can beat Hillary Clinton and reignite America's promise.

I'm Ted Cruz, and I approve this message.

*This Tea Party dog whistle is explained here.

Original post, "Apparently, Scott Walker like Ted Cruz", begins here.

As quoted in Gov. Walker still gives edge to Cruz in Iowa.  (WKOW, 1/25/2016)

But then, a little solicitation goes a long way with Scott.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1q/14/2015)

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