Thursday, March 24, 2016

Say goodbye to Unimin Corp.'s Tunnel City frac sand mine (2014-2016)

Mining towns worry frac sand's gifts will dry up with oil price slump.  (Energywire, 6/2/2015)
Perched atop a pair of railroad underpasses, Unimin Corp.'s Tunnel City silica extraction center last year began sending carloads of fine, white sand to energy producers in Pennsylvania, North Dakota and Texas. Under the terms of Unimin's development contract, the company owes Greenfield 15 cents on the first million tons of sand it ships out of Tunnel City and 10 cents after that. In 2014, the mine's first year of operation, Unimin paid out $222,019 to the community.

Another Frac Sand Mine Is Shutting Down In Wisconsin.  (Wisconsin Public Radio News, 3/23/2016)
UNIMIN’s Tunnel City operation was built to supply frac sand to drillers in what’s called the Bakken Shale play of North Dakota and southern Montana, which saw an incredible growth in the number of oil and gas wells between 2012 and 2015. But with oil prices just more than half of what they were in two years ago, new well completions have stalled.

From page 3 of the 2015 annual report (with appropriate additions)

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