Friday, January 22, 2016

Wisconsin library history link of the day: Brillion Public Library

Library History | Brillion Public Library  
Key dates
  • 1928.  Library organized by the Brillion Women's Club.
  • 1929.  Library opens in village council chamber. 
  • 1952.   Library expands and moves into new city hall as a result of gift from Johanna Schwartz.
  • 1959.  Library incorporated as municipal library.  Women's club discontinues sponsorship.
  • 1971.  Henry Ariens family donates family homestead to City of Brillion. 
  • 1972. R.D. and Linda Peters finance construction and furnishing of new library. 
  • 1974.  New library opens.
  • 1991.  Library addition.
  • 1993.  Library automation, accomplished through donation from NSC, Inc.
  • 2006.  Elevator installed to provide access to lower level. 

Photo credit:  Wikimedia Commons

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Listed by year of legal establishment:
1888.  Vaughn Public Library, Ashland
1891.  Wisconsin Library Association established.
1895.  Baraboo Public Library
1897.  Appleton Public Library
1959.  Brillion Public Library
1960.  Altoona Public Library
1977.  Boulder Junction Community Library
1985.  Alma Public Library

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