Friday, December 25, 2015

If the polls are any indication, Jeb Bush is throwing away a ton of money

As TV Ad Rates Soar, ‘Super PACs’ Pivot to Core Campaign Work. (The New York Times, 12/22/2015)
Right to Rise, the super PAC supporting Mr. Bush, is also starting to pour more money into online messaging, where — unlike on television — its dollars go just as far as the candidate’s. All advertisers — campaigns, super PACs, even Frito-Lay — pay the same rates for digital ads. 
“With TV getting a bit more crowded, we’re looking at frequency,” said Sheena Arora, a digital strategist at Revolution Agency who works with Right to Rise — meaning “how many times we’re hitting individuals across devices.” The group has been creating a wide range of ads aimed at smartphones, tablets and even Xbox gaming systems.
I'm beginning to think that Chris Cillizza is onto something in "The 5 big lessons I learned in 2015".
3.  Super PACS are way overrated.

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