Friday, December 25, 2015

If the polls are any indication, the John Kasich ground game needs some tweaking

As TV Ad Rates Soar, ‘Super PACs’ Pivot to Core Campaign Work. (The New York Times, 12/22/2015)
Time to upset the applecart?  New Day for America, the super PAC supporting Mr. Kasich, is pursuing a highly advanced ground game in partnership with a data-analytics firm, Applecart: The firm says it mines data sources like yearbooks and local news reports to decipher which people have personally influential relationships with sought-after voters. Rather than giving phone-bank callers or canvassers lists of random people to contact, for example, the organizers are assigning each of those volunteers to reach 10 to 20 New Hampshire voters they know personally and convert them into Kasich supporters.

I'm beginning to think that Chris Cillizza is onto something in "The 5 big lessons I learned in 2015".
3.  Super PACS are way overrated.

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