Thursday, September 24, 2015

A long list of people with more time on their hands now that Scott Walker has suspended his presidential campaign

Scott Walker's presidential campaign staff:  paid and volunteer.  (Not necessarily a complete list.)

At the head of the table
  • Michael Grebe, Campaign Chariman
  • Rick Wiley, Campaign Manager
  • Ed Goeas, Senior Advisor
  • Matt Mason, Political Director
  • Danny O'Driscoll, Deputy Political Director
  • Wells Griffith, Deputy Political Director
  • Gregg Keller, Senior Advisor on National Conservative Outreach
  • Gary Marx, Senior Advisor on National Conservative Outreach
  • Diana Banister, Senior Advisor on National Conservative Outreach
  • Kirsten Kukowski, Communications Director
  • AshLee Strong, National Press Secretary
  • Matt Connelly, Traveling Press Secretary
  • Stacy Day, Regional Press Secretary
  • Lauren Fine, Press Assistant
  • Josh Falzone, Rapid Response
  • Andrew Snow, Photographer
  • Heather Smith, Walker Research Director
  • Amy Leedecke, Research Director
  • Andrew Bremberg, Policy Director
  • Kristin Jackson, Domestic Policy Advisor
  • Mike Gallagher, Foreign Policy Advisor
  • Robert C. O'Brien, Foreign Policy Advisor
  • Jim Talent, Senior Advisor on Foreign Policy and Defense
  • Mark Stephenson, Chief Data Officer
  • Mike Ozckowski, Chief Digital Officer
  • Darren Bolding, Chief Technology Officer
  • Justin LoFranco, Content Director
  • Colleen Coyle, Finance Director
  • Jenny Drucker, National Finance Consultant
  • Alex Lawhon, National Finance Consultant
  • Susan Lilly, Fundraising (question mark next to name)
  • Todd Ricketts, National Finance Co-chair
  • Jon Hammea, National Finance Co-chair
Other national staff
  • Joe Fadness (running ballot access program)
  • Tom Evenson, Personal Aide
  • Aly Higgins, Personal Aide to Tonette Walker
  • Ben Ginsberg, Senior Advisor and Outside Counsel

Iowa staff
  • David Polyansky, Senior Iowa Advisor
  • Josie Peterson, State Director
  • Eric Woolson, Strategic Advisor/Iowa Communications Director
  • Carlos Cruz, Eastern Iowa Regional Victory Director
  • 99-county Iowa Leadership Team (volunteers, I assume)

New Hampshire staff
  • Andy Leach, Senior New Hampshire Advisor
  • Liz Christofferson, Senior New Hampshire Advisor
  • Michael Bir, New Hampshire Day-to-Day
  • Kayla Berube (unspecified)
  • Co-chairs (volunteers?)
    • Cliff Hurst
    • Phyllis Wolfe
    • Chris Woods

South Carolina staff

As quoted in Scott Walker's campaign manager defends spending.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/23/2015)

And it's true!  The campaign had no problem spending -- [blowingthrough cash with a staff of about 90 people and payroll in the hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

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