Sunday, April 26, 2015

Drones could put a big hole in one of Scott Walker's "Reforming Government" budget proposal

A Guide To What's In Scott Walker's New Budget Proposal.  (Wisconsin Public Radio, 2/3/2015)

Fewer guards in state prison towers. 

As part of “Reforming Government” section of his budget, Walker proposed trimming positions within the Department of Corrections. The plan would eliminate almost all third-shift tower guard positions at state facilities, about 60 in all. According to the budget summary released by Walker’s office, the move would reduce costs, “while utilizing technology and strategic ground patrol to maintain security.”

Will 'strategic ground patrol' adequately address this development?

Airmail Via Drones Is Vexing for Prisons.  (The New York Times, 4/22/2015)
It is the high-tech version of smuggling a file into a prison in a birthday cake, and it underscores the headache that drones are now creating for law enforcement and national security officials, who acknowledge that they have few, if any, ways of stopping them.

Drones flying over prison walls may not be the chief concern of corrections officials. But they say that some would-be smugglers are experimenting with the technique as an alternative to established methods like paying off officers, hiding contraband in incoming laundry and throwing packages disguised as rocks over fences into recreational yards.

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