Sunday, July 20, 2014

At the Risk of Looking Bad to Forever-snarly Ideologues and Off-the-grid Seniors

It's not the 60s anymore, people; it's the 21st century.

Sticking to His Travel Plans, at Risk of Looking Bad. (The New York Times, 7/19/2014)

Obama doesn't have to drop everything and dash back to the Oval Office during a crisis in order to be connected  -- to his advisers, to world leaders, to anyone else with whom he needs to be in contact.

Think about the various ways you keep connected with friends, family, and colleagues.  Do you even own a landline anymore?

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Gerard said...

Landline? Yes.
1- poor cell reception in town.
2- more reliable service.
3- same number for all of us.

That said, I'm looking at going to a VoIP option with Ooma or something similar which costs only $4 a month in taxes and nothing else.