Friday, July 25, 2014

13,000 Books Donated to the Friends of the Arden-Dimick Library

About this video Frank Rose, 85, donated his collection of 13,000 books to the Friends of the Arden-Dimick Library. He has been collecting books for 70 years.

Arden-Dimick is a branch of the Sacramento Public Library.

At the end of this video report, Margaret Clausen, Treasurer of the Friends of Arden-Dimick Library, says:  It's the largest book donation we've ever received by far.  It's going to be a legacy that will live a long time through the library book collection."

From this quote, some viewers might be left with the impression that the books will be added to the library's collection.  That's not the case, as this report in the Sacramento Bee clarifies.

Next week, volunteers will sort through the collection for any hidden gems. On a hunch, Clausen recently pulled two books, “Verve, Revue Artistique et Litt√©raire” and “Dessins pour la Bible” by Marc Chagall, from boxes dropped on the library’s doorstep. 

Last week, the pair fetched $6,000 for the library at a San Francisco auction, she said. 

“From day to day, you never know what you’re going to find,” Clausen said. 

Some of Rose’s collection could be sold on Remaining books will likely be available at the Oct. 31 community book sale.

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