Sunday, June 15, 2014

From the Why-is-this-news Department

Julaine's freeze-dried thinking.   "And against all the naysayers, the prevaricators, everything, we won. Marriage won that day," she said of the 2006 amendment that carried with 59.4 percent. "And marriage won because people in this state fundamentally understand that, No. 1, marriage is a foundational, societal institution providing stability for our state and our culture. But primarily because they understood that children need both a mother and a father. And when you change the definition of marriage to be inclusive of same-sex couples, you have automatically said they don't need either a father or a mother. And I would ask, which one don't they need?"  

Actually, it sounds as though Julaine is pissed because she thinks she should be making this decision for all of us.

Don't believe me?  Read up on Wisconsin Family Action, Julaine's bailiwick, and note the year that it was organized.

The times they are a-chaingin', Julaine.

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