Friday, June 20, 2014

Wisconsin State Assembly District 10: Who's on the Ballot for the August 12 Primary?

An open seat. Incumbent not running for re-election.

10th Assembly District

Public libraries in the 10th District
Milwaukee Public Library

The 4 Democratic candidates

Candidate biographies

The winner of the August 12 primary will face Republican Artis Landon in the November 4 general election.

  • Home:  Brown Deer (not in 10th AD)
  • Occupation:  
    • Assistant Program Director, Wisconsin Community Services (current)
    • Deputy, Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office (former)
  • Elected office/memberships:

The 10th Assembly District is currently represented by Sandy Pasch, who has served in the legislature since 2008.  Sandy announced in April that she won't be seeking re-election.

SIDEBAR:  At this point in the exercise, I have to admit that the 5 candidates running for the 1st Assembly seat have done the best job in presenting themselves to the voters.

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