Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Consultants Recommend 3 Sites for New Downtown Appleton Public Library

Appleton library consultant recommends 3 sites for new downtown home. Appleton Post-Crescent, 3/18/2014)

The top 3 sites of the 12 considered:
  1. A swath of land south of the Soldier Square parking ramp near the riverfront scored highest in the study. The site has three variations including land occupied by Trinity Lutheran Church, the University of Wisconsin Health clinic and Fox Banquets & Rivertyme Catering.
  2. .....block occupied by Post-Crescent Media, 222 Building LLC’s parking lot, Hoersch Home Appliance and a vacant commercial plot.
  3. Current library location.

City of Appleton capital improvement budget has
2015:  $1,500,000 for site preparation and $16 million in
2016-17:   $16,000,000 for construction of a new 120,688-square-foot library.

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