Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Community Conversations About the Appleton Public Library

I'm looking forward to reading a summary of the outcome of these sessions.

Public comments sought on library.  (Appleton Post-Crescent, 4/18/2012)

From the Appleton Public Library homepage.

The Appleton Public Library and the Friends of Appleton Public Library would love to hear from you. As a community member, you are the expert on all things community related and your perspective is important. 

The Friends of Appleton Public Library organization is hosting a series of listening sessions about the future of Appleton and public libraries. These 90 minute meetings, coined Community Conversations, will take place throughout the City of Appleton from April 19-26, time and location can be found by clicking on the image to the left. All Appleton and surrounding area community members and their elected representatives are invited to join in on these conversations. 

The agenda for the Conversations includes a facilitated group discussion of community-focused questions and a presentation about public libraries and libraries of the 21st century. Through these collected reflections by many community members, we hope to learn more about what our community wants from the library of the future.

Shared priorities, common agenda (highlight added)

And as long as you're here, take a look at the Friends of the Appleton Public Library "What We Do" page.  Very impressive!


Carol Lee Saffioti-Hughes said...

Thank you Paul for posting the Appleton plan for community conversations, and thank you Appleton Library folk for outlining your plan so clearly. As a part-time library director in a small town, a newcomer to the profession of librarian, I am sometimes overwhelmed, and feel like mostly I am flying by the proverbial seat of the pants. My community is extremely supportive, yet, I want to have a more organized, open dialogue--especially since new technologies and services are not as familiar to older residents in the coummunity. Your framework is succinct and flexible, and can lead to immediate new alliances as well as long range planning. I hope you make the results of the dialogues available to us as librarians to see your results over time, and gain from your experiences...the negative as well as the positive. Bravo, Appleton!

Anonymous said...

I used to live in Appleton. I now live in another part of Wisconsin and I work at our local library. I lived in Appleton for most of the 1990's and spent a lot of time at the library. But I can't say it was a good experience. I'm sure there were a few kind souls there but the ones I remember were the crabby librarians who didn't like kids (and mind were normal kids--basically well-behaved but had their days)and were generally unpleasant. The Appleton library also had some strange policies such as not allowing me to pick up books for my husband that he had put on hold.

The atmosphere in the library I work in is totally different. We are glad to have families, kids, etc., we check out everything and, yes, we left wives and husbands pick up each other's books.

I'm hope the Appleton library has a different atmosphere now. Don't ever let it go back to those dark days!!!!