Saturday, November 2, 2013

Once Again, Scott Walker is Unintimidated by the Facts

Is Scott Walker responsible for the success of Ian's Pizza?   (Capital Times, 11/2/2013)

Excerpt:   In the book, Walker doesn't outright claim credit for the success of Ian's Pizza, the downtown Madison institution, but in a chapter titled "Occupy Madison," he draws a strong connection between his anti-collective bargaining law and the growth of Ian's from a "small shop" to a pizza palace.

What does Ian Gurfield, the founder of Ian's Pizza, have to say about this observation?

As if anticipating a certain governor's fact-challenged book, he answered the Capital Times' headline question more than two years ago, on March 24, 2011, in a "Letter from Ian", posted on the business's blog.   (Highlights added.)

When I founded Ian’s Pizza 10 years ago, I wanted to create a business that could make a positive difference in the lives of our employees and customers. I wasn’t convinced I could change the world, but within the confines of the four orange walls in our original store I was confident Ian’s could be a force for good. Over the past decade Ian’s Pizza has grown to four stores, yet the values, which were so important to me in beginning, persist throughout our company today.

Although Gurfield is quoted in the Cap Times as saying he doesn't use his business to make political statements, his letter contains what I would call a not-so-subtle critique of Walker's approach to governing Wisconsin.

One of the greatest contributions we can make to our community is to be a good employer. We believe being a good employer means, above all, treating people with dignity.

He makes a similar statement to Cap Times reporter Jessie Opoien.

Gurfield also points out that the move to a different location across State State had nothing to do with the protests.   The lease was up on their former space, which is now part of the Block 100 Foundation Project redevelopment, where I'm sure the rents will be much higher than what Ian's was charged.   (Observation based on these code words "...the project will greatly improve the quality of the real estate available....")

All I can say in closing is that Scott Walker and Christian Schneider must have learned their dubious research skills from the same ineffective teacher.

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