Friday, April 19, 2013

The 4th and Final Joint Finance Committee Public Hearing on 2013-15 Budget, at Baldwin

(with highlights added by RG)

State budget panel hears pleas for funding at Baldwin hearing. (Eau Claire Leader Telegram, 4/18/2013)

Topics on which testimony was provided (listed in order of article's coverage)
  • Alcohol and drug treatment programs
  • Adult with disabilities:  group homes
  • School voucher program (During testimony throughout the day, public school district superintendents and school board members from around Wisconsin expressed opposition...)
  • More money for state's public universities to address rising tuition
  • Smoking cessation programs
  • The arts 
  • Transportation for elderly and disabled residents living in rural areas of state
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Gerard said...

I didn't realize how important transportation becomes for older people. My father cannot drive anymore and, even though he lives in a large town, Champaign, IL, the bus service does not reach their area. The low-cost seniors ride service only allows one or two rides per person per week.