Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bar Graphing the Results of the 2012 Presidential and U.S. Senate Elections in the City of Wausau, Its Surrounding Communities, and the rest of Marathon County Wisconsin

Vote totals:  
Romney/Ryan - 36,568 
Obama-Biden  - 32,330

Vote totals:  
Tommy Thompson - 34,638
Tammy Baldwin     -  31,722

Romney-Thompson vote total difference:  1,930.

Obama-Baldwin vote total difference:  608.

The Marathon County results follow the general pattern, if not the specific percentages, of CNN's exit poll graphic.

"Surrounding communities"* include
  • Village of Kronenwetter (population 7,210)
  • Town of Rib Mountain (pop. 6,825)
  • Village of Rothschild (pop.5,269)
  • City of Schofield ([pop. 2,169)
  • Town of Stettin (pop. 2,554)
  • Village of Weston (pop. 14,868)
*Based on my limited first-hand knowledge of the geography and residential development of the Wausau area.

Hat tip to Marathon County Clerk Nan Kottke for making detailed election results available online so promptly.

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