Thursday, November 8, 2012

From Recall to Presidential Elections: What a Difference 5 Months Make

June 2012

November 2012

Winnebago County turns blue.

The Republicans increased their vote total from 39,859 to 42,073, or 5.5%.

The Democrats increased their vote total from 30,861 to 45,410, or 47%.

I don't think ALL of this gain is attributable to the student vote, and I'm willing to bet a Jansen's shrimp boil on this speculation. (Please speed read through the following. Irrefutable evidence to the contrary is required.  Only 1 dinner is being offered, though others are certainly welcome to join us.  Decision of the judge is final.)

Again, just speculating, but I think the top map offers evidence that the June election was not so much a referendum on Scott Walker but on the recall process itself.  (We can talk about this over shrimp, but you'll have to buy your own meal, though I might spring for a drink or two..)

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