Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ken Hess on "The 12 Sites of Social Security"

With screenshots courtesy of Retiring Guy.

In honor of receiving my first Social Security check at the end of the month, I share with you this 12-stop tour.

Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter, 12/20/2011.

1.  The home page.
For Baby Boomers only.

2. Replacing your Social Security card.

3. Online application for retirement benefits.

4. Apply for disability benefits

5.  Estimates of future benefits.

6. Online application for Medicare.

7. Extra Help with prescription drug costs.

8. Publications library.

9. Popular baby names.

I love this feature.

10. Social Security office locations.  (Screenshot is after I entered my zip code.)

11. Get Social Security forms online.

12. Services for people currently receiving benefits.


Gerard Saylor said...

George Takei and Patty Duke? What a combo.

Gerard Saylor said...

I completely forgot about William Schallert until watching a couple more adverts with Patty Duke.

Sandy said...

It's no wonder our seniors think they are going crazy. One word "bureaucracy"!