Monday, December 19, 2011

Woman Runs Up Big Overdues Charges @ the Niederkorn Library

Port Washington, WI

Woman who faces $1,868 library fine can’t be found. (Ozaukee Press, 12/14/2011)

ExcerptA 28-year-old woman who checked out 83 books, videos and DVDs from the Niederkorn Library in September hasn’t returned the items yet.

Maybe she still hasn’t finished reading and viewing them. But, more likely, she doesn’t intend to return them, library officials said, noting they haven’t been able to reach the woman since she borrowed the items.

The library reported the incident to police Dec. 8, and the department this week asked the district attorney’s office to charge the women with theft.

“We’ve never had something like this happen before,” Library Director David Nimmer said. “This is way out of our norm.”

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