Sunday, June 20, 2010

'Take a deep breath,' advises Wheaton Council member

Link to June 18 Daily Herald letter to the editor, "Don't come unglued over library hours".

Excerpt: When I voted to approve the city's final budget (with reduced library funding), I did so with the knowledge that the Friday closures were a very real possibility. I take full responsibility for my decision and its consequences. I stand by the council's difficult and unpopular decision to reduce library funding, and I understand, even support, the library board's equally difficult and unpopular decision to close on Fridays.

Rather than engage in an endless cycle of buck-passing, the city and the library need to do two things. First, present a fair and consistent explanation to the people of Wheaton, whom we both serve. Second, work together in getting the library back to adequate funding and operating hours as soon as possible. [Emphasis added.]

These times are challenging, but temporary. A few years from now, I don't want it to be said that, "When times were tough, everyone came completely unglued and went after each other." I would prefer to talk about how we got through it together

Thank you, Todd Scalzo,  And Retiring Guy hopes the community of Wheaton can effectively work together to achieve the goal of getting the library back to adequate funding.

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