Friday, May 21, 2010

Bad News/Good News from Wheaton (Illinois) Public Library

Link to May 20 Daily Herald article, "Wheaton library to close on Fridays to save".

Excerpt:   Library officials said the Friday closures are needed to make up for the loss of $300,000 in property tax revenue the city withheld to deal with its own budgetary problems.

"It wasn't the only option," library board President Colleen McLaughlin said of the closures, which take effect June 4, "it was the option that we felt was the most doable."

The library already made a variety of budget cuts in 2009 after its funding was reduced by $300,000.

"We've cut the material and database budget as much as we can without saying, 'OK, there won't be any new books or periodicals,'" McLaughlin said. "There are a lot of fixed costs that we have absolutely no control over.

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