Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Charlotte Mecklenburg Libraries' Interlocal Cooperation Pact

Link to June 22 Charlotte Observer article, "Mecklenburg's towns chip in; libraries to stay open".

Unfortunately, it's the only piece of good news -- as you'll read.

Excerpt:   The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library says it has received enough help from the county’s towns and from the City of Charlotte to keep its remaining 20 branches open during the coming fiscal year.

The library says the libraries will be open under shortened hours, but it is establishing geographic “pods” to maximize the operating hours of branches in various regions of Mecklenburg County.

However, library officials say they still will have to lay off 66 employees – or 18 percent of the remaining staff. That comes on top of 120 layoffs in April.

In addition, library officials say they will convene a citizen task force to help develop an operating “model” for the future

Here's the tally.

Cornelius: $175,000 contribution.

Davidson: Forgiveness of a $37,000 lease payment, and solicitation of donations estimated to be $175,000.

Huntersville: No direct financial contribution, but in-kind contributions such as programs, cross-promotion, and police presence in and around the North County Regional Library.

Matthews: Restructuring a lease to defer the current payment of $205,000 to 2018.

Mint Hill: $175,000 contribution.

Pineville: No contribution. There is no library branch in Pineville.

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