Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Anchorage: A Call to Invent the Future of 21st Century Libraries

Link to Anchorage 21st Century Libraries.

Excerpt: Help invent the future of Anchorage’s public libraries! The Anchorage Library Foundation and the Friends of the Library are developing a community plan to shape the future of the city’s public libraries. The plan comes as Anchorge libraries experience record-high usage and are providing more services with less resources. Our libraries can help build an even more vibrant, strong and successful community. The community plan needs your feedback and insight to chart a course toward more relevant, convenient, innovative and community-oriented libraries in this 21st century.

For all of Bill Wilson's Facebook friends, this planning effort is the reason for his frequent trips to Alaska this year -- his 7th since April.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for covering us!!! We love Bill and Ethel--they have done such an amazing job on this project!

-Clare Stockert, Anchorage Public Library