Friday, March 20, 2009

New Reference Service at Appleton Public

Link to March 20 Appleton Post Crescent article, "Appleton library offers text-reference service".

Excerpt: To those who need their answers fast and delivered wherever they happen to be, the Appleton Public Library has a suggestion:

That's the moniker for the library's new text- reference service, which caters to people who, like President Obama, use their thumbs to communicate through typed missives employing a minimum of vowels. The library launched the new service this week for handheld device users.

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Anonymous said...

A couple of my friends work for ChaCha, the commercial online "reference" service that receives and answers questions via text messages. If Appleton gets even a fraction of the kinds of questions my friends get, they ought to be prepared for a flood of texts from spoiled 13 year olds with cell phones who think their's nothing funnier than asking sex-related "questions."