Friday, September 12, 2008

She Certainly Should Have Known Better

Link to September 11 Palm Beach (FL) Post article, "Librarians irked colleague sent unverified Palin e-mail".


A Palm Beach County School District library manager set off an e-mail controversy this week when she sent school librarians a list of books Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin allegedly tried to ban as mayor of a small Alaska town.

Problem was the list turned out to be a hoax. It included Harry Potter books that weren't yet published when Palin had an exchange with the Wasilla librarian about removing books.

Janeen Pelser said she was speaking against censorship, not engaging in partisan politics, when she forwarded an e-mail titled "here's the list of Books SARAH PALIN wanted banned ... VERY IMPORTANT" to dozens of media specialists on Tuesday.

Several school librarians quickly responded with links debunking the list and admonishments to Pelser to fact check before distributing information. (My emphasis.)

Good advice!

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