Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Dear Mayor Nickels, I'm still standing. Love, Mirro

But just barely.  I've been reduced to a shell of my former self.

View from the intersection of Washington and S. 16th streets.
(All photos by Retiring Guy.  All views pretty much unchanged from previous visits during the past 2 years.)


Mayor acts on Mirro building demolition.  (Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter, 5/8/2015)
Only 5 days to go.  Manitowoc Mayor Justin Nickels on Friday sent a letter to the owner of 1512 Washington St. (the Mirro building) detailing the City of Manitowoc's intent to have a majority of the building demolished within a year, or the city will proceed with condemnation of the entire property, according to a press release from the city.

View from the intersection of Franklin and S. 16th streets

View from Franklin Street near S. 15th.

View from S. 15th Street between Washington and Franklin Streets.

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