Sunday, June 6, 2021

Yes, Retiring Guy is disparaging Christina Bobb


Dictionary definition from Merriam-Webster (red box added)

New York Times, 6/5/2021
Some of his aides are not eager to engage with him on his conspiracy theories and would like to see him press a forward-looking agenda that could help Republicans in 2022. People in his circle joke that the most senior adviser to the former leader of the free world is Christina Bobb, a correspondent with the far-right, eternally pro-Trump One America News Network, whom he consults regularly for information about the Arizona election audit.  [emphasis added]
Ms. Bobb used to work for Homeland Security  during the Trump Adminstration.  Her embroidered biography mentions that she graduated from the rinky-dink California Western School of Law.

Law School Numbers  (red box added)

In June 2020, she accepted a job with the batshit crazy One America News Network, where everyone grovels 24/7 at the altar of the Big Orange Guy.

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