Thursday, June 10, 2021

Scott Walker has turned his life into a fulltime clown show


Meet Wisconsin's biggest hypocrite

What he underlines.

What he proposed as governor.

Gearing up for his re-election

6/9/2021 update starts here.

So he once said.  (Sure doesn't sound like a simple flat tax to Retiring Guy.)

The big phony went down in flames less than a month later.

Original 1/26/2021 post starts here

First of all, The Sun is a Rupert Murdoch publication, typically filled with no facts and plenty of errors.

Secondly, there was no 'storming' of the Wisconsin State Capitol.  In fact, there were multiple Act 10 protest rallies that took place there during the winter and early spring of 2011.  Retiring Guy attended most of them and took this photo on Saturday, February 19.  There were families in attendance -- parents with young children.  

Nancy Pelosi praised a peaceful protest.

Some are comparing the U.S. Capitol
riot to Wisconsin's Act 10 protests in 
2011.  There is no comparison!

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