Thursday, August 20, 2020

Wisconsin coronavirus news: Probably not a good idea to go about your usual business in Oneida and Vilas counties

Source:  Wisconsin Department of Health Services (above and below)

Oneida County experiences a spike in COVID-19 cases.  (Lakeland Times, 8/8/2020)
Contact tracing?  Fuggedaboudit!  Oneida County public health officer Linda Conlon told The Times Friday it was impossible to narrow down the outbreak to any specific gathering or gatherings.  [emphasis added]
“Some of these people know each other, so there have actually been multiple exposures with multiple gatherings,” Conlon said. “We can’t really pinpoint it to one thing. There are probably a few Vilas County residents connected with this as well and we don’t have that information.”

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Tourists from farther away than ever are heading to northern Wisconsin. One problem: Coronavirus is spiking.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/21/2020)
Wisconsin's Northwoods is always busy between Memorial and Labor days, but the pandemic changed tourism this summer. Locals say they're seeing more people from other states, not just the usual Midwestern ones. Folks are staying longer than normal, perhaps because, for many, going to the office means wherever they unfold their laptop and get a good Wi-Fi signal.

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