Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Wisconsin News: Covidiots on parade at Jefferson County Board of Supervisors meeting

The willfully ignorant -- conspiracy theorists, Trumpists, anti-maskers, Fox News viewers, whatever else ya got -- come out in force.  Like zombies in the night.

They are not paying attention to any kind of rational discussion.  Too busy mainlining Trump's tweet and Fox News.

County board chairman expands on heated session.  (Lake Mills Leader, 7/28/2020)
A lot of the members of the crowd that gathered at the Fair Park Activity Center July 14 were upset. Many shouted at the board, while others spent the first half-hour of the session telling supervisors that they did not want the county intruding on their lives in the COVID-19 outbreak, or at any other time.

Jefferson County is #16 on the positive test rate hit parade.

Covidiot wake-up call

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