Sunday, February 16, 2020

Dear Susan Collins, Apparently, the president learned a lesson. Guess that's why he's changed his tune about Democrats and the media. Best, Retiring Guy

Trump Finally Reveals the ‘Lesson’ He Learned From Impeachment.  (Daily Beast, 2/12/2020)

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Susan Collins' defense of her Trump vote just keeps looking worse and worse,  (CNN, 2/12/2020)
Collins was already in the race of her life in Maine this fall. But her lessons learned comment has and will continue to resurface between now and November. And it's not going to get any easier for Collins to explain it away.

The only poll for Maine's U.S. Senate race was taken last June.

In the meantime....

Original 2/13/2020 post, "Guess that's why he continues to  politicize the Justice Department", starts here.

The President Tweets and the Justice Department Complies.  (Lawfare, 1/22/2020)
Corruption of the justice system has two major elements. The first—at issue in the Ukraine scandal—is the use of state power to go after one’s enemies. The other is the ability to restrain government power to reward one’s friends and allies. 
A dramatic display of this latter power took place today, Feb. 11, when the U.S. Department of Justice, having articulated in court its view of an appropriate sentence for President Trump’s associate Roger Stone—convicted recently on multiple felony counts—confronted an angry presidential tweet and then meekly reversed course in a second filing.

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No, Susan Collins, Donald Trump is never going to learn.  (Washington Post, 2/4/2020)
So of all the amazing things that Republican senators have said in defense of their impending votes to acquit Trump, it is that a president who has been unwilling to or incapable of learning lessons will somehow have learned a lesson by being . . . not punished by them.

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