Tuesday, October 20, 2020

If Calvin Callahan is elected to the State Assembly, reporters will want to keep an eye out for his first per diem report

1/23/2020 update, "Dear Calvin Callahan, Quit grandstanding and do your job.  There's nothing in the Lincoln County ordinances re: the second amendment.  Best, Retiring Guy:, starts here.

Reported in Lincoln Co. board sends back 2nd amendment sanctuary proposal.  (WMTV, 1/22/2020)

1/14/2020 update starts here.

Photo source:  Merrill Foto News

Reported in Semco ceases operations.  (Merrial Foto News, 1/7/2020)

Photo credit:  LinkedIn

Reported in Merrill to consider motion declaring itself a Second Amendment sanctuary city.  (WSAW, 1/11/209209

Steve and the rest of the boys.

And then there's this from a few months back.

The report also cites a negative outlook for the city, which under S&P definitions means the credit rating may be lowered again. The report cites some growth under two of Merrill’s twelve TIF districts and development in other TIF districts, but goes on to say that “despite this growth, we anticipate the city’s economic conditions will likely remain very weak over the medium term.”

Misplaced priorities, particularly since Merrill has lost an estimated 10% of its population since 2010.

Elsewhere, too.
GET ME REWRITE: Brown County Supervisor Steve Deslauriers wants to take his colleagues on a trip to Florence County.  (1/6/2020)
Greetings from Trump's America: Florence County, Wisconsin, which has declared itself a Second Amendment sanctuary.  (11/13/2019)

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