Sunday, October 27, 2019

UPDATE. More allegations of racist taunts at high school football game

Source:  Public School Review (Wisconsin), U.S. News (Brown Deer, Cudahy)

Borsuk: A suburban superintendent's urgent call to action on racist incidents in school, sports events. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, (10/25/2019)
Deb Kerr has had enough. “We’ve got to make changes and it has to happen now,” the Brown Deer school superintendent said. “We’ve got to speak our truth.” The truth for Kerr is that there has been a long stream of incidents in which Brown Deer students have been subjected to racial slurs or other forms of racism by students, parents and others from other schools. Even white students get some of this treatment because they attend a school that has a large majority of minority students, she said. 
The new and outspoken advocacy by Kerr — with support from the Brown Deer school board and many others in the school community, she said — was sparked by what a football player and others say happened during a game between Brown Deer and Cudahy High School a month ago.

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Source:  Public School Review (Wisconsin), U.S. News (Oconomowoc, Wauwatosa East)

Oconomowoc, Wauwatosa East high schools accuse each other of using racist language at a football game. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10/25/2019)
In the wake of the game, the parent of a Wauwatosa East football player has withdrawn his son from the team — not because of the allegations of racism, but because of how the Tosa coach handled it. 
Shawn Buford said that after his son told him Oconomowoc players were taunting him and calling him the "n-word," he called Tosa East's head coach, Dave Pfeiffer. 
Pfeiffer said he told his players not to stoop to that level. He also said he talked to the referees about the issues. Then, according to Buford, Pfeiffer nonchalantly said, "What else do you want me to do?" 
"When my child is with you, you're the parent when I'm not there. You are responsible for making sure things go correctly ... I would expect you to do a little bit more, or at least be a little more empathetic of the situation at hand and not just tell me what else do you want me to do," Buford said.

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