Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Baseball tinkers with its rules

‘We’re Lab Rats’: A Baseball League Where Stealing First Is O.K.  (The New York Times, 8/2/2019)
The automated strike zone — perhaps the most radical of the experiments — made its debut at the Atlantic League All-Star Game last month, and in New Britain on Tuesday. It works this way: M.L.B.’s TrackMan radar system judges each pitch and sends the call — “Ball!” or “Strike!” in a male voice — through a wireless earpiece to the home plate umpire, who simply repeats the call (unless there has been a clear error by the system, which can be fooled by balls that bounce before, or even after, the plate).

Retiring Guy is a fan of anything that speeds up the pace of the game.   
As for the majority of proposed changes, which shifts the balance to hitters and baserunners, MLB is simply listening to its boneheaded and birdbrained customers.

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