Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Compared to its neighboring states, Wisconsin lags in percentage of women in state legislature

Why Wasn't 2018 A Big Election For Women In The Wisconsin Legislature?  (WisContext, 1/7/2019)
Over the past three decades in Wisconsin, the number of women in each legislative class has been on average about one-quarter overall. The sessions with the most women were 1989-1990 and 2003-2004, each reaching 28 percent. The state's incoming 2019-2020 class fell just short of reaching that mark, with 27 percent women, according to an analysis by the Wisconsin Women's Council. A state agency aimed to promote and enhance the well-being of women, the 15-member council is appointed by the governor and the Legislature's leadership, and consists of both public and legislative members.

Democrats lead the way in Wisconsin. 

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