Thursday, May 9, 2019

GET ME REWRITE: Consumer Technology Association executive board gets over its squeamishness of award-winning sex toy

CES 2019: Sex toy reawarded robotics prize.  (BBC, 5/8/2019)
"The CTA did not handle this award properly," said Jean Foster, a marketing executive at the organisation. 
"This prompted some important conversations internally and with external advisers, and we look forward to taking these learnings to continue to improve the show." 
Ms Haddock said she appreciated the "gesture" from the CTA, which would serve to "remove the stigma and embarrassment around female sexuality".

Original 1/13/2019 post, "CES 2019:  Intimate messager banned, gender bias alleged:, starts here.

CES 2019: from beer tech to a banned sex toy – 10 standout gadgets.  (The  Guardian, 1/8/2019)
Osé, an intimate massager that “mimics all of the sensations of a human mouth, tongue and fingers” to feel “just like a real partner”, was originally selected as a CES 2019 Innovation Award honouree but was then dumped and banned from the show for being “immoral, obscene, indecent, profane”. 
CES’s organisers are now facing accusations of gender bias, given sex dolls for men were launched at the event last year and pornography has been featured in its virtual reality booths for years.

Pop-up that appears at Lora DiCarlo website:

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