Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Dear Dalvin, I think it has more to do with survival than with hipness

As millennials embrace RVs, next wave of travel trailers go hip.  (USA Today, 7/31/2018)
Negligent reporting:  No mention of SF housing prices. The couple, both 30 at the time, decided to trade in their three-bedroom San Francisco home to take up residence in an 8-square-foot TAB Teardrop camper. There were a few growing, or in this case, shrinking, pains. They would bump their heads on the low ceilings and grew weary of having to convert the bed into a living area each day. But they both agree that it was the best decision they could have ever made.

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San Francisco’s median house price climbs to $1.61 million.  That’s nearly double the average from just five years ago.  (Curbed San Francisco, 4/5/2018)

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