Friday, July 28, 2017

Easy to say for someone who owns an 11,000-square-foot, $64 million penthouse

Quoted in Trump says upstate New Yorkers should move, leave homes behind.  (Albany Times Union, 7/27.2017)
Wisconsin beat out New York, which had been a finalist in Foxconn's selection process and had pitched a 400-acre location outside of Utica owned by SUNY Polytechnic Institute called the Marcy Nanocenter. 

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All of Donald Trump's Houses, in Photos.  (Town and Country, 5/11/2017)
It's 801 miles from Utica to Racine.  Trump took Forbes on a tour of the penthouse during the presidential election and told the publication that it was the "best apartment ever built" and bragged about its 33,000-square-foot size and estimated value of at least $200 million. The trouble is, according to Forbes, "those comments were typical Trump: boastful and inaccurate." The residence is actually 10,996 square feet and worth an estimated $64 million.

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