Saturday, October 1, 2016

No thumbs up now: Florida Trump aide Healy Baumgartner gets off the Crazy Train

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Quoted in Trump Tweets About Sex Tape as Campaign Struggles to Regroup (Bloomberg Politics, 9/30/2016)
But the bad news keeps rolling in. The editorial boards of the Arizona Republic and Detroit News this week broke 100-year-plus traditions of endorsing Republicans, while USA Today took sides for the first time in its history to urge Americans not to vote for Trump. A survey by Gallup found that 61 percent of those who watched the debate believe Clinton won, a 34-point victory over Trump. Battleground polls have showed improvements for Clinton.
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Dear Tommy Thompson, I think you mean -- ha ha ha....I, I, I, I...-- the crazy train.  (8/29/2016)

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