Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Oneupsmanship: Trump takes a page from the Scott Walker campaign playbook

But Mr. Trump’s remarks also underscored the opaque and improvisational nature of his policy agenda, which has been defined by a few grand promises but few concrete details. By putting a hard number on his job-creation promises — even if far-fetched — Mr. Trump may be aiming to strengthen a campaign message that has been light on policy outside the issues of immigration and trade.

Using U.S. Census estimates from July 1, 2015, Wisconsin comprises 1.8% of U.S. population.

Walker's pledge on the national level?  x = 13,923,066

Like the "little boy" he mocked, the overreaching Donald Trump is blowing smoke.

   250,000                X       
  5,771,337     321,418,820

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