Saturday, August 27, 2016

Adapt 2030 gets caught with its climate denier pants down

Adapt 2030 fantasy.  (Posted on 10/6/2015)

2016 reality.

As this Wall Street Journal video reports:
Last summer, about 20 ships passed through the strait, compared with 13 ships in 2013 and only four in 2006.  

In Warmer Climate, A Luxury Cruise Sets Sail Through Northwest Passage.  (Wisconsin Public Radio, 8/27/2016)
It has 13 decks, eight restaurants, a casino and a spa. Staterooms start at about $20,000 and run as high as $120,000. And it's about to journey through the Northwest Passage. The Crystal Serenity is the largest cruise ship to navigate from Alaska to New York City, by way of the Arctic Ocean. And as climate change opens up the top of the world, it may be just the first taste of what's to come.

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As a luxury cruise ship comes to town, Nome confronts its future.  (Alaska Daily News, 8/23/2016)
Warming temperatures in the Arctic brought about by climate change have transformed the region's once impenetrable ice pack into seasonal open waters that — while still dangerous — are increasingly seen as navigable. Beneville, his blue eyes wide and expressive, speaks with proselytistic fervor of the growth of Arctic shipping and its economic possibilities for Nome, the region and the state. 
This visit, as Mayor Richard Beneville put it, is "a game-changer."

First stop Ulukhaktok: Crystal Serenity cruise ship sails into N.W.T.  (CBC News, 8/27/2016)
The weekend the community of Ulukhaktok, N.W.T., has been waiting for has arrived. The Crystal Serenity cruise ship sailed into the hamlet of 400 people on Friday afternoon, bringing with it about 1,000 passengers and 600 crew. It's the largest cruise ship ever to sail through the Northwest Passage, having left Anchorage, Alaska, on Aug. 16 on its way to New York.

Ulukhaktok was known as Holmen until 4/1/2006.

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