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GET ME REWRITE: Kewaunee County continues to take shit from CAFOs

Reported in August manure spill referred to County Attorney.  (Kewaunee County Comet, 9/10/2019)

6/20/2019 update, "Kewaunee County continues to take a lot of shit from CAFOs", starts here.

CAFO oversight in Wisconsin and who pays for it?  (Wisconsin State Farmer, 6/19/2019)
Wisconsin's agricultural bounty is possible thanks in part to the state's voluminous supply of freshwater. At the same time, the use of this resource to grow crops and nourish livestock poses risks to the quality of these waters. The effects of agricultural practices on the state's rivers, lakes, wetlands and groundwater can come by way of soil erosion, water overuse, chemicals and livestock manure. 
Manure is a particularly ample concern among roughly 300 of the state's largest livestock farms. They're commonly called CAFOs, which stands for concentrated animal feeding operation.

With an area of 342.5 square miles, Kewaunee County is the 7th smallest in Wisconsin, yet it's home to 16 CAFOs.

Source:  Wisconsin DNR

5/3/2019 update, " How much longer will Kewaunee County residents take this shit?", starts here.

Wisconsin State Journal, 4/17/2019

GOP lawmakers don't expect you to change your voting habits, which is why they can boldly support CAFO special interests.

You still don't get it, do you?

3/1/2019 update, "Greetings from Kewaunee County, home to 20,405 people, 97,000 cows/heifers/calves, and a shitload of polluted water wells", starts here.

Graphic from WisContext

11/7/2018 update, " Kewaunee County voters beg to be slapped around by Scott Walker for another four years", starts here.

Source:  Wikipedia (presidential, gubernatorial 20102014,, 2018)

2014-2018 increase in Democratic vote totals:    6.4%
2014-2018 increase in Republican vote totals:    0.2%

2008-2010 drop in Democratic vote totals:  43.3%
2008-2010 drop in Republican vote totals:    0.8%
2012-2014 drop in Democratic vote totals:  34.9%
2012-2014 drop in Republican vote totals:    1.3%
2016-2018 drop in Democratic vote totals:    1.5%
2016-2018 drop in Republican vote totals:  11.1%

Original 11/5/2018 post, "Will Kewaunee County voters get snookered a third time and vote for Scott Walker?  ", starts here.

2010 source:  US election atlas
2014 source:  Politico

2/24/2018 Get me rewrite UPDATE: "Owner of Kewaunee County CAFO dies in Indiana plane crash", starts here./

Title card source:  Wisconsin Watch
Map source:  Groundwater contamination susceptibility map (USGS)

Reported in Prominent Wisconsin dairy farmer killed when Green Bay-bound plane crashes in Indiana.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/23/2018)

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Letter to the Editor: Weidner’s “Pagel Paradox”.  (Door County Daily News, 9/18/2017) 
Living near CAFO reduces property value, DOR rules.  (Wisconsin State Farmer, 11/27/2017)
Dairy industry icon among those killed in plane crash in Indiana.  (, 2/23/2018)

1/25/2018 update, "The Trump effect has Scott Walker and his WI GOP minions running scared in this election year (the CAFO/Kewaunee County/tainted groundwater edition)", starts here.

Source of CAFOs map:  Sustain Rural Wisconsin Network

11/9/2017 update, "UPDATE. Dear Kewaunee County residents, Don't drink the water!", starts here.

Reported in Walker proposal to alter large farm regulation alarms environmentalists.  (Capital Times, 10/27/2017)

DATCP = Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, but Scott Walker has clearly shown he has absolutely no interest in the CP.  

9/9/2016 update, "WI DNR secretary Cathy Stepp stands by her CAFO dairymen", starts here.

Quoted in Farms to subsidize cost of safe drinking water for those with tainted wells.  (, 9/8/2016)

5/5/2016 update, " Manure 101: A typical dairy cow produces 148 pounds per day", starts here.

Source of title statistic:  University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Source: Kewaunee County Cow Count increases to 98,000.  (Green Bay Press-Gazette, 9/12/2015)

Consequently, these headlines should come as no surprise.

As usual Ms. Stepp arrives late to the party.  On Monday, DNR Secretary released an editorial to news organizations saying her agency, in addition to the efforts of work groups, is taking steps to address water issues in and around the county.
With so much manure being spread on the landscape, Luft said the results are a sign that manure is the likely source of the tainted wells.

Original 11/15/2015 post, "Dear Kewaunee County, You voted for him, now you're paying the consequences", starts here.

Yup, your county is 'open for business'.

Something's in the water in Kewaunee County, Wisconsin.  (Aljazeera America, 11/13/2015)
CAFOs in Wisconsin require a permit from the state Department of Natural Resources, which under Gov. Scott Walker’s leadership has appointed a secretary lauded for her chamber of commerce approach to natural resources. The current DNR administration has lower enforcement rates than under previous governors, and has faced budget and staff cuts.  [emphasis added]

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Kewaunee County's CAFO concentration.  (10/23/2014)

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