Thursday, September 18, 2014

In the News: Income, Poverty and Health Insurance Coverage: 2013 (U.S. Census Bureau Report)

Poverty rising among Wisconsin single mothers, Census Bureau reports.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

The number of single-mother households with children under age 18 living in poverty is a red flag, and an indicator of broader societal issues the state faces, said Magda Peck, dean of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Zilber School of Public Health.
"This report is yet another prod for us to ask: 'What we are doing to create the conditions for all of Wisconsin's women and families to live well?'" Peck said Wednesday. 
"Poverty is a known significant driver of poor health, compromised educational opportunities and diminished human potential, especially for women and their children."
Women are often paid less for equal work, have less access to higher paying jobs, and are more likely to bear the costs of raising their children, Peck said.
"We also know that women of color and those who reside in cities like Milwaukee experience even higher burdens," she said.

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