Monday, October 1, 2012

Charlie Sykes, King of Disingenuousness

Free phones.  (WTMJ, 9/28/2012)

He references a June 14, 2009, New York Times article, the first piece of red meat for his audience:  "Providing Cellphones for the Poor", which opens with an account of John Cobb.

Cobb was 59 in 2009.

He's disabled with cirrhosis of the liver and emphysema.

He lives on a monthly fixed income of $674, or $8,088 per year, significantly less, I assume, than what Sykes earns.

Cobb's phone is a service provided through the federal University Service Fund.

As for Leon Simmons, he was 52 in 2009.

Served in the Navy, worked for the U.S. Postal Service and as a security guard.

Disabled with emphysema.

He and his wife have an after-tax monthly income of $1,600 -- $19,200 per year --  of which 10% goes for a landline phone, high-speed Internet, and cable TV.   Oops. Leon, you just lost the conservative crowd on that one.  I suppose you and your wife have own a stove, refrigerator, and microwave, too.

And what about this moocher?

Excerpt:  The owner of Cintex Wireless is Paul V. Greene of North Bethesda Maryland. Greene is currently facing a lawsuit from the Securities Exchange Commission. The SEC alleges Greene participated in a multimillion dollar fraud deal while acting as president of an unrelated wireless company. Maryland Court Documents show Greene also faced tax liens, one for nearly 120 grand. Records show those liens were satisfied in December of 2011, a few months after his company began collecting money from the "free" phone program. According to the FCC, Cintex has collected nearly 8 million dollars since August of 2011 in just five states excluding Missouri.

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