Sunday, February 26, 2012

As of January 27, 2012, Scott Walker has spent nearly $10,000,000 of his recall contributions

Money well spent?

Obama leads GOP challengers in Wisconsin poll; Santorum leads GOP field.  (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, 2/22/2012)

(Reformatted) excerpt: Governor. The fundamentals when it comes to Gov. Scott Walker’s public standing don’t seem to change very much. People are very closely divided and highly polarized along party lines. Walker’s popularity was lower in Marquette’s February poll than it was in January, though the difference was close to the poll’s margin of error. 

In the new poll, Walker was viewed 
  • favorably by 46% and 
  • unfavorably by 48% of registered voters. 
A month ago, he was viewed 
  • favorably by 50% and 
  • unfavorably by 45%. 

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