Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Public Library: A Place to Be in Good Times and Bad

James Prendergast Library, Jamestown New York

From a Retiring Guy's Roots RSS feed.

Link to May 31 Jamestown (NY) Post Journal article, "Libraries Offer Aid In Tough Times".

Excerpt: When times are tough, many area residents may find an Internet service bill or registration of a new computer program to be a luxury they cannot justify.

Luckily for them, their local library offers the service - and many others - for free six days a week.

''The economy is doing it all on its own, boosting the library usage,'' said Tina Scott, assistant director of the Prendergast Library. ''People have less money, and they use the library more because they can't buy those resources. With computers and the Internet becoming almost crucial to the way we live now, every single day when the library opens there's a line of people waiting to come in and use the public computers.''

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